Sunday, 22 January 2017

From Script to Screen: Storytelling and Commission OGR


  1. I like this story! I think it's cool that the astronaut part is a daydream of sorts.

  2. OGR 23/01/07

    Hey Noah,

    Yep, I think you're onto something here - even more so if the picture in the gallery is this one!

    Not completely sold on the 'double daydream' element - I think you could be more surreal than this. So, the supervisor throws the girl the vacuum cleaner and we here, in a sort of Charlie Brown style - the nagging and moaning of the supervisor - "you're never amount to anything etc".

    Instead of using the hoover to vacuum everything up, how about she just sits astride it, presses the on-button, and we see her rocket up out of shot, the bottom of the hoover spewing out fire and flames and 'adios!'