Sunday, 20 May 2018

Sculpting Process

Week One - Creating the Base

Week Two - Blocking Out the Face

Week Three - Constructing the Face

Week Three - Adding the Eyes

Week Four - Adding Details

Week Five - Smoothing the Model

Week Six - Finishing Touches

Final Sculpt

Life Drawing Master Post

I'm aware that anything I submit after the toolkit 2 deadline will not be counted towards my grade, however, I wanted to upload this instead of keeping it hidden forever. This year has been pretty awful but I'm trying to get on top of things slowly but surely.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Light Filters

These are my experiments in using light filters, I used the Gobo, Barn door and Light Decay filters to create a blind like pattern across a Maya spotlight. This is a great way to cast shadows without having to model components that you don't necessarily need. I tried using the light blocker but it wasn't making a difference when I rendered the image and I 'm not sure where I went wrong, however, I had no trouble using the other filters other than trying to put the spotlight in the right place.