Friday, 30 September 2016

Adobe Animate Pendulum Samples

Incorrect Sample

Correct Sample

After animating my moving circle animations, I tried a little more difficult task of animating a swinging pendulum. Applying the skills I learned in my previous samples, I made the samples look more natural by thinking about the space and time between each frame. For the first sample, the circle moved in a straight path, however this didn't look very natural when I played the animation back, So I tried again, but this time, changing the path of the circle so that it moved in a more smooth, natural way.
Although I prefer the outcome of the second sample more than the first, I noticed that there is a slight glitch at the end of  sample 2's animation loop, and I'm not sure how I can fix it, This will be something that I will have to look into.


  1. Hello Noah,

    There's one sample missing here, please post up the evenly spaced pendulum too to show the difference between them.


    1. Hi Nat, sorry I've only just seen this comment. I don't really understand how to create the evenly spaced pendulum, is it basically instead of moving the pendulum frames from being closer together to more spaced out, you move them the same distance instead?